750,000 people can’t be wrong about UsVsTh3m

If I had a blog category for “blowing your own trumpet”, then I guess this post would fit neatly into it. Trinity Mirror CEO Simon Fox has been doing some interviews about the company’s position, and as part of that they have released some traffic figures from the UsVsTh3m site that I helped create for the group.

In June the site had 464,000 unique visitors. In July that rose to 750,000. We’ve only been publishing for 10 weeks, and we’ve attained an audience of three-quarters of a million people. That’s better than I could ever have imagined in the timeframe. I’m very proud.

You can read more of Simon Fox’s interview with The Media Briefing, or read the write-up of my talk at Hacks/Hackers London about the site: “The who, what and why of UsVsTh3m.”

An UsVsTh3m article

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