How social killed RSS for newspapers – in one screenshot

“Social killed RSS” has been one response to Google’s decision to close Google Reader. And the Daily Star’s RSS feeds page demonstrates exactly that. Embedded in their help page is a screenshot of how their site used to look a few years ago. Helpful arrows indicate where the user can find the bright orange RSS logos.

Daily Star embedded screenshot

This screenshot highlighted where users could find RSS on the Daily Star site

Look there today, though, and you can see that Twitter and Facebook have literally usurped the place of RSS in the site’s global navigation

Daily Star navigation

Twitter and Facebook have replaced RSS on the Daily Star’s nav menu

I should confess at this point that there are only two meetings I really regret not having taken part in. The one where someone casually floated the idea “the Queen could be seen to jump out of a helicopter with James Bond during the Olympic opening ceremony” and nobody instantly dismissed the idea, and the one where someone at the Daily Star said “Yeah, I’ve done a version where a topless bird is clutching a glossy Web 2.0 RSS icon to her ample chest” and everyone thought it was a perfectly good idea…

The Daily Star’s topless RSS lady

The Daily Star’s rather astonishing choice of RSS logo

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