Guardian commenting community figures update

The Guardian state that commenting continues to grow on their site, despite the introduction of a controversial new format unpopular with some users.

A new blog post by Guardian readers’ editor Chris Elliott has appeared with some more numbers about the size of the community commenting on their website. He says:

The total number of comments in January was 683,492 (a 14% rise in comparison with November). The number of commenters increased by 11% on November, and reports of abuse were down by 23%.

In my piece about newspaper website comments for The MediaBriefing the other day I said I’d done some analysis on some prolific contributors to the site, including, it must be said, myself.

I identified twenty accounts which between them had made 6,184 comments in January, an average of about 300 each. With that total figure for January public, I can now see that those twenty people alone left 0.9% of the comments on the site during the month.

It should be noted that I have no way of comparing these figures to any other national news site, as no other paper is as open with publishing the data.

There are some other figures revealed in the comment thread under the blog post by Joanna Geary. She says that comparatively comments are up 37% increase on the same month last year. She gives the January 2012 comment total as 498,882, compared to 2013’s 683,492. She said the number of individual commenters was up by 31% compared to January 2012.

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