I’m hiring an editorial team

We hired. It’s live. UsVsTh3m.

Thanks for those of you have shown interest in these roles. We’ve short-listed now. There will be some kind of freelance and contributor network opportunities, so sign up to the mailing list for further information.

I’m looking to staff up a pilot website with an editorial team. Initial contracts will be for four months — with a breakpoint after two months in case we’ve failed very fast.

So imagine working for the writing team at The Colbert Report or Saturday Night Live or Have I Got News For You?, but instead of building up a big weekly script, every single topical joke or funny idea you have is speedily published as part of a social stream. We’re aiming to bring together the best of what is funny and entertaining on the web, alongside a mix of original and topical entertainment content with a UK angle. The site is aimed at a young aspirational audience passing time on their mobiles and tablet devices, and we are initially looking for a writer, a picture editor and an assistant editor.

As our web writer, you’ll know that brevity is everything in a status update world, and you’ll have an extraordinary talent for writing headlines that sum up stories and are instantly shareable. We want people to be snacking on our content all day long, every day. You won’t be writing 500 word pieces – short, punchy, timely and social is our goal.

As Picture Editor, you’ll be well-versed in using Photoshop and other tools to quickly process images, capture video, animate gifs and above all make things funny. You’ll be great at sourcing images from the web, but not fazed when we hand you the keys to a massive picture archive as source material, from which we are expecting you to research and produce great original content.

As Assistant Editor, you’ll be helping run the team day to day, setting the direction and priorities, and of course writing and contributing material yourself. You’ll be making sure that there is a constant flow of content streaming through the site, and that our social media channels are funneling traffic to our original content, as well as becoming essential follows in and of themselves.

You’ll be working with me and with Rob Manuel of B3ta. These are great opportunities to get involved with digital publishing which would suit comedy writers, trainee or just-newly-trained journalists, and people who understand how the web works and know how to be funny. The roles are based in London. If your editorial expertise can help us hit our performance targets there is a good possibility of getting the contracts extended. Work will be 5 days a week, 9 to 5 — proper British internet hours. Salaries are between £20k and £40k pro-rata, depending on experience.

If you are interested then ping me a mail — jobs@emblem-digital.com — with links to stuff you’ve done on the web, an explanation of why you’d be a good part of the team, and two pieces of content you would have written or commissioned for the site today. And move fast — we are aiming to soft launch in a couple of weeks…

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