User-centred career design from Mags Hanley

Mags Hanley, the first person I ever met with the actual job title “Information Architect”, is carrying out an interesting public experiment. She’s looking to change jobs, and has started a Tumblr as part of the process. The opening post on Mags’ Future Career promises that:

“This blog, over the next few weeks, will be the place where I work out what I can offer an employer; the aspects of a role that make me happy and what I need from an organisation or a boss. I hope you join me in this journey and help me with guidance and connections to others who share my geekery.”

Typically of Mags it is a brave, different and challenging thing to do. She gave an impassioned closing keynote at EuroIA a couple of years ago encouraging us not to forget the basic tenets of our IA craft in amongst all the UX glitz, and I’m looking forward to seeing where this user-centred career design process leads her.

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