If my blog had a front page like The Spectator’s…

The front page of The Spectator says a clear “No” to Royal Charter-backed press regulation.

The Spectator “No” front page

If my blog had a front page in a similar style, it would say:


My blog as a magazine cover

*Pending case law interpretations of the Key Definitions of Schedule 4 of the Royal Charter 1. b.ii, d, and e — namely whether I might end up being one, none, or all of “a website containing news-related material (whether or not related to a newspaper or magazine)” who “publishes in the United Kingdom” because “the publication takes place in the United Kingdom or is targeted primarily at an audience in the United Kingdom” which publishes “news-related material” including “news or information about current affairs” or “opinion about matters relating to the news or current affairs.”

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