Private Eye features the “Bottom half of the internet” Tumblr

Hannah Waldram’s Tumblr for decent user comments made it into Private Eye, where they snidely pointed out how little had been posted compared to the average number of monthly comments on the Guardian.

Hannah Waldram in Private Eye

Original scan by @PrimlyStable

The magazine’s disdain for new-fangled technology and new media jargon is well known, as evidenced by the time my own copy-writing made it into their hallowed pages.

My UX special in Private Eye

Original scan by @PatLockley

The fact that the Eye simply refuses to do digital is rather endearing, although I do think a missed opportunity. If someone had been ambitious digitally at the title a decade ago, I suspect they could have ended up with a very successful and potent mix of Guido Fawkes meets Popbitch.

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