Two articles I think you should take the time to read

Old skool blogging like it was 2002. Hey, here’s a couple of great articles I read in the last few days. You should read them. You might find them great too.

“#guardiancoffee is the future. dwi.” – Alex Hern

“If you run a paper, accept that the news is subsidised by everything else, just as it always has been. Except that now, the rest of the paper is also subsidised by everything else, and “everything else” includes literally anything.”

Excellent essay from Alex, looking at how the internet is going to eat every single business that doesn’t have some sort of tangible physical experience with it. And explaining that the Guardian’s pop-up coffee shop isn’t a million miles aways from the Telegraph Wine Club and other newspaper brand extensions. Read it.

“My small advice on sussing out a web career when you don’t have the obvious/expected background.” – Erin Kissane

“Do what you say you’ll do. Make yourself as indispensable as possible by actively tying up loose ends and helping with others’ work. Help the people you work with be awesome. Don’t wait for things to come to you.”

Erin undersells as “small advice” a simply fantastic article that anyone starting out in a web career ought to read. Key points – rolling up your sleeves, being helpful to people, finding role models, use diversity of approach to your advantage, and don’t stay in sucky jobs longer than you have to. And finding a specialism you work hard to know every possible single thing about. All things I 100% endorse. Read it.

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