Useful guide to blogs, press regulation, and the new law

I’ve been moaning on here about the possibility that this blog might unwittingly get swept up in the unholy mess of press regulation legislation that our politicians have just concocted, since on the surface it appears to meet the criteria set out for a “relevant” publisher in the Royal Charter. In practice, I think it is unlikely. There has been plenty of clarification that one-man websites wouldn’t be included, although the logic that says Holy Moly counts and Guido Fawkes doesn’t still eludes me.

Jonathan Walker, Political Editor at the Birmingham Post, has written a very clear description of the position, quoting the relevant clauses in the Crime and Courts Bill. It is worth reading if you are worried about whether your blog just became directly editorially accountable to Nadine Dorries, or some such other horrifying thought.

My own fear is that ultimately this will come down to case law, and we’ve got a good set of precedents of courts who don’t really understand how the web works handing down some peculiar judgements over the years, so I think it will be a good while until this will all be settled.

Meanwhile, for a somewhat swearier take on how we’ve got ourselves into this mess, please read @Flashboy’s exemplary “Grumpy Leveson run-on-sentence swearblogging

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