About Martin Belam

Martin BelamI’m a journalist and designer, and I’m Social & New Formats Editor at the Guardian in London.

I’ve been building digital products for nearly 20 years, and have worked as a Product Manager, an Information Architect, a User Experience Designer and as an Editor.

I helped Trinity Mirror develop UsVsTh3m, Ampp3d and Mirror Row Zed, as well as building a “social content” team for Mirror Online.

I’ve also worked at the Guardian as Head of User Experience, and at Sony and the BBC. In between these jobs I’ve run Emblem Digital Consulting.

I’ve written and edited books for the Guardian Shorts series about the Olympics, Facebook and Doctor Who, and I frequently talk at events and conferences about digital product design.

I’ve been blogging for years on currybet.net, at the BBC and the Guardian and on this site about journalism, digital media and design.

I can be found on Twitter as @MartinBelam, and on Facebook at facebook.com/martin.belam, or mail me martin@emblem-digital.com.