About Martin Belam

Martin BelamI’m Martin Belam, a designer and journalist, and this is my blog.

In 2012 I founded the digital consultancy Emblem, and our clients include Trinity Mirror, Libération, Arts Council England and the Natural History Museum.

This year we helped Trinity Mirror launch UsVsTh3m, and we are currently working on “Mysterious Project Y”, a data journalism start-up within the group.

I’ve been working in digital product development, information architecture and user experience design for nearly fifteen years, for organisations like the Guardian, Sony, Vodafone and the BBC.

I help organise This Is LDNIA.

I’ve written and edited books for the Guardian about the Olympics, Doctor Who, Facebook and the “Battle for the Internet”, and also published ebooks rounding up my notes from events like Hacks/Hackers London and London IA.

I regularly give talks, and run training sessions teaching blogging, user experience design and digital journalism, and I will be one of the keynotes at the 2014 IA Summit.

I used to blog at currybet.net and tweet as @currybet. Now I don’t.

Blogging principles

On here, my blogging principles are that I strive to be accurate. I promptly correct any inaccuracy or error with a visible edit and update. I attribute and link to sources on the web wherever possible. My direct contact details are displayed on every page of the site. I do not receive payment or services for any reviews or editorial. And this is a personal blog. The views expressed are my own, and do not reflect the views of any current or former clients or employers.