Maybe the Daily Star should have checked their own website before complaining about the BBC’s Savile article?

The Daily Star is mightily annoyed with the BBC today – “BBC bosses were blasted last night after a glowing tribute to paedo Jimmy Savile appeared on their news website.”

The story? The BBC’s obit of Jimmy Savile has found its way back into the most read list on the website.

Like most news organisations, the BBC has not purged what was written immediately after Savile’s death, which makes for extremely awkward reading now. And those news organisations include the Daily Star. Currently on their website they have these lovely write-ups of dear old Jimmy…

In fairness, they also have a story “Dig up Jimmy Savile and burn his body”, so they did change their tune pretty quickly.

Don’t know about you, but I prefer it when our news organisations don’t retrospectively pop stuff down the memory hole.

Because it’s worth pointing out that when you search Google for Daily Star articles relating to Jimmy Savile, the good old EU “right-to-forget” law means the search engine is censoring the results.

Savile deletions

Maybe more of a story than an old BBC article appearing in the most read list?

FULL DISCLOSURE/HYPOCRISY ALERT: I once helped write this – “Nice to know you can still send a Jimmy Savile E-Card via the BBC site” :-)