Friday Reading S02E03

It’s some stuff! What I read! You might like it too! Or Not!

If Apple phased out the Mac, how would those who use it to get work done carry on?


Actually the link reveals a pretty well-argued column from Christopher Mims that Apple’s shift from “computer” company to “consumer goods” company makes the high-end desktop machines look really out of place in their product range. Read it in high-definition on your massive 27” Apple monitor.

Meet The Woman Getting a PhD in Gamergate and the Death Eaters Trying To Stop Her

“Games scholarship right now has the spectre of Gamergate hanging over it at all times; they don’t like games journalists or academics, and so if you’re going to write about, analyze and work at all theoretically about games, you’re doing so in … this cultural context.” Read.

Wimbledon boss doesn’t get it

Apparently “the quality of video isn’t currently there for Periscope to become a serious challenge to broadcasters” because UH I DON’T KNOW people don’t watch key moments or funny clips or breaking news in anything other than HD. Read.

The unseen women scientists behind Tim Hunt’s Nobel prize” – Helen Cahill, The Guardian

Anybody whining about Tim Hunt’s resignation being a result of “a Twitter mob” should read this.

A Brief History Of Deep Linking” – Chris Maddern, Techcrunch

“This was one of the first examples of a true app-to-app, deep-linking experience, hinting at the benefits of seamless app-based connections.” If only there was some kind of existing protocol to link one computer hosted resource to another resource hosted on the same or possibly a different computer. Ach Tee Tee Pee Forward Slash Read This.

Michael Wilshaw’s Speech : A Shower of Spite.” – Love Learning…

“Play down the importance of the organisation – rip up those banners. ‘Ofsted says we’re’….Who cares? Put up banners saying ‘Our parents say we’re….’ ‘Our children say we’re….’ Starve them of oxygen. Be open to your parents and prospective parents about the impact of Ofsted on the quality of the holistic education that their child should get.”

I adore the sentiment in this – still aggravated that my kid’s school rescheduled their Halloween Party because Ofsted were descending that day. Why not show Ofsted what a great Halloween Party your PTA were throwing for the kids? Because it doesn’t tick league table boxes. Read.

Abandoned Soviet Space Shuttle pictures

Just go look.

Why Italia 90 was not beautiful to everyone, but will always be special” – Amy Lawrence, the Guardian

“There were no fan parks, it was all improvised for better or for worse. The idea of a group of corporate punters forming a crocodile in branded baseball hats following a pretty girl holding up a sign bearing the name of a vast conglomerate as they march to a tented village would not have got very far. That audience didn’t want to go to football anyway then.” Read.