Friday Reading S02E05

Some stuff I read or noticed this week that I thought was worth drawing your attention to.

It’s not mandatory to read anything – except maybe the Tom Coates’ blog post about the snail. You should definitely read that.

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21 management things I learned at Imgur” – Sam Gerstenzang

Well it all sounds bloody simple now you mention it all like this. Read and prosper.

On Twitter Tom Loosemore used this article about the BBC – “change has come much faster than anyone predicted” – to declare that “the snail won.” If you’ve never read Tom Coates’ 2006 blog post about the snail of change, then you should rectify that.

Self-Driving Trucks Are Going to Hit Us Like a Human-Driven Truck” – Scott Santens

“If we now step back and look at the big national picture, we are potentially looking at well over 10 million American workers and their families whose incomes depend entirely or at least partially on the incomes of truck drivers, all of whom markedly comprise what is left of the American middle class.”


How I got 2.3 million app downloads (without spending a cent on marketing)” – Stuart Hall

I love how the product placement for the next project is littered through this brilliant data-driven sale of trying to make a successful app the laziest way possible. Although that is lazy in the marketing sense – not lazy in actually developing an app. A very good read.

Why the next few months of Apple Music will throw up a few surprises” – Mark Mulligan

“The time to properly measure Apple Music’s progress will be 6 months or so from now. Until then expect to be simultaneously impressed, concerned and confused.”


Radio expert James Cridland, meanwhile, is not impressed with the Apple Beats 1 experience.

Phoenix not dinosaur” – Professor Uta Frith FBA FMedSci FRS

“[Tim Hunt’s] remarks at first seemed to me just a drop in the bucket of millions of similar ones made every day about women in the workplace, often by decent men who would be horrified to be regarded as misogynists…But they were the drop that finally caused the bucket to flow over.”


This Is The Story Of The Migrants In Calais” – Siraj Datoo

Buzzfeed is just cat gif lists, though, right? Read.

The intriguing history of ghost photography” – Howard Timberlake

“Ever since the camera was invented, spooks have appeared in photos. And with each advance in camera technology, new types of ghostly traces have emerged – or been deliberately conjured.”

Read it and feel slightly sad that it is all hoaxes.