We did this, they did that #1

I really liked Little Atoms round-up of weekly stories, and it reminded me that I used to do a blog round-up called Friday Reading. I thought I might try and resurrect it as an experiment. I used to round-up links to stuff about UX and journalism. I expect this to be much the same, plus a smattering of what we’ve done that’s good this week for the Mirror. And #GamerGate.

We did this…

A story of a homeless guy who says that Banksy was the inspiration for him turning his life around.

An interview with holocaust survivor Susan Pollack.

If there’s something strange, in your neighbourhood, who you going to call? THE COUNCIL!” – great from Rob Manuel on the Reaganite message of the original Ghostbusters movie.

Please, Gwyneth Paltrow, leave my vagina alone” – a sentence I never in my life expected to read.

Who is best – Dippy the diplodocus or a blue whale? Ampp3d have the data.

…They did that

Everything I’ve Learned While Working in My Family’s Corner Shop” was all kinds of aces – funny and sweary and much much better than commissioning a white dude to stand in a corner shop for four hours then write “I worked in a corner shop and what I discovered will ASTOUND you”. [See many articles passim]

Some great pictures from the Wales Online archive showing Margaret Thatcher failing to connect with the people of Wales.

The Lib Dems produced a “David Cameron Debate Excuse Generator” which was very UsVsTh3m.

This Newsweek piece “What Silicon Valley Thinks of Women” by Nina Burleigh was a great read let down by a hideous cover illustration of a faceless mouse cursor sexually assaulting a faceless woman. What were they thinking?

Zoe Quinn interviewed in the Telegraph saying that #GamerGate has ruined her life.

The Guardian fully launched their redesigned website and the angry comments were not in any way at all predictable. Or indeed almost identical to what the BBC received in 2008. And what pretty much every news organisation receives for every redesign ever.

My personal highlight…

Making this poll

Marshawn Lynch