We did this, they did that #2

It’s number two of my experiment of reviving my old “Friday reading” style blog posts, with a smattering of things my team has done at the Mirror mixed with some interesting other stuff I found lying about on the interwebs.

We did this…

Ampp3d fact-checking and correcting “confused” Tory MPs like Iain Duncan-Smith and Esther McVey

Good essay from Abi Wilkinson: Spiked is wrong: sexual harassment on campus isn’t about freedom of speech, it’s about consent

Did you know that Ouija Boards aren’t really supernatural, they were invented as a novelty board game in the 1800s?

Rob bought 90,000 Twitter followers for his dead cat.

“What the kids from your favourite CITV and CBBC shows are doing now” has absolutely ripped up Chartbeat but Sophie who wrote it is about 12 or something so I don’t recognise anyone from Tracy Beaker or The Worst Witch anyway.

…they did that

I missed this last week – the full text of Emily Bell’s Hugh Cudlipp lecture. Contains trace elements of UsVsTh3m and Ampp3d.

Mathew Ingram on Aron Pilhofer saying that news sites ending comments is a mistake.

All My Blogs Are Dead” – wistful piece from Carter Maness about the perils of being a freelance writer. Everywhere they’ve written in the last few years on the web has been for sites that subsequently folded, and now it looks like they have no writing experience.

Wired had a hypnotic gif illustrating the CGI differences between the two trailers for Jurassic World.

The New York Times on a massive political scandal and intrigue in Argentina that the world doesn’t really seem to be noticing. Involves a prosecutor being found shot dead the day before he was going to try and have the president arrested.

Turns out record labels are keeping most of the money they get from streaming music rather than passing it on to artists. Who knew, eh?

Great piece about how social media is genuinely changing the experience of war on the front lines in the battle against ISIS and elsewhere.

My personal highlight

Getting Katy Perry’s Super Bowl sharks into a poll about #GamerGate’s Pizza gags.


Did you know?

In the 2000s Sparks did a song called “Lighten Up Morrissey