From Zürich with multimedia love

I’ve been in Zürich, talking to people at SRF about multimedia story-telling.

SRF workshop sign

SRF offices

One thing I’ve picked up during the day is this storytelling tool from It’s an interesting way for journalists who maybe don’t have the web as their first instinct to really think about what is the best digital format for each atom or element of their story. Worth having a peek at.

Storytelling atoms

Along the way I mentioned some of the great examples of interactive story-telling I’ve seen over the last few months. These included Buzzfeed’s “Can you survive a week as Jeremy Corbyn?”, the Guardian’s “London skyline of tomorrow”, and the Telegraph’s “Many faces of David Bowie”.


And I also spoke about a few things which I was involved in, where YMMV on how great you think it was. Which always brings with it the slightly weird feeling you get when you watch stuff you had a part in making decay on the web. This is what Owen Paterson’s Badger Penalty Shootout looks like now:

No badgers

And dealing with an international audience from all parts of Switzerland I also found myself with two problems: explaining why Ed Balls Day is funny, and explaining what Doctor Who is. I actually found myself saying out loud to a room full of adults “This is his spaceship. It’s a disguise” when this photo came on screen. I’m 44.

It’s a children‘s show