I’ve had quite a lot of fanmail in the last few days at work.

I’ve been called a “simpleton”, an absolute shill for the Leftist mob, a moronic wanker, a fucking imbecile and someone signed off simply “you are an idiot”. Nice of the mother-in-law to get in touch, etc etc…

Someone else tracked down my personal Facebook to message me that my reporting and that of another journalist showed that we must be “spreading your assholes open for your boyfriends”.

I mentioned on Twitter their uneven application of rules over the sending and receiving of death threats and threats of harm.

Immediately some rando in the replies starting trying to gaslight everyone that since I have deleted a lot of tweets it couldn’t have happened. “Treat Martin’s version of events with skepticism to say the least”.

It’s one of the most exhausting things, the constant bad faith demands for you, the one on the receiving end of the abuse, to provide documentary evidence that not only did you receive it, but also that you acted on it.

I’ve been asked if I’m owned by George Soros, and someone said I should be giving out head jobs to Antifa. That sounds great – “Here, you go mate, you can be Head of Cultural-Marxism FM for Seattle”. That’s not what they meant though, is it?

“Maybe like them your a practising Pedophile as well” was another message I got this week.

Still, civility eh?