I went in to work today

I went in to the office today for the first time since 18 March.

It was odd, because it basically reminded me of all the downsides of working at home

  • no chit-chat
  • change of scene is good
  • oh my god I had forgotten what it was like and how good it was working and writing on a huge monitor instead of a laptop all the time
  • you get commissioned for more stuff if people can see you

So now I’m a bit glum about being back stuck in the home office house arrest. However it also introduced a whole load of new downsides to being in the office

  • you get commissioned for more stuff if people can see you (yes, I know this is on both lists)
  • there’s hardly anyone there so it feels like a ghost-town anyways
  • everything is a faff with social distancing and hand-sanitizer and signs telling you where to stand in the lift
  • it was weird and a bit surreal suddenly being IN the “Guardian Meeting TV show” I’ve been watching via video conferencing for five months
  • I popped out to get lunch and didn’t understand how shopping worked in the local supermarket anymore
  • the new one way system through Kings X tube adds about nineteen miles by foot onto my commute

Plus add in getting soaked and a stressful commute and I am absolutely SHATTERED and going to bed before 10pm. A mixed review then, I guess. 5/10. Will presumably have to do it again on a more regular basis at some point soon.