m-orchestra – More Ghost Stories EP and live shows

Regular readers will know that I make cursed and haunted electronica about the paranormal under the name m-orchestra, which has been my regular recording name since *gulp* 1987. Jesus.

Anyway, I’ve got a new EP coming out on 15 February on all good digital stores, you can find me on Spotify here and on Apple Music here.

With no possibility of doing in-person gigs at any point soon, I do still have some online events to promote it, starting today. Here’s what is coming up:

31 January, 8pm
Live stream on my Twitch channel, which you can find at twitch.tv/martinbelam. When that’s finished, by the way, Chris Harris is doing a show over on his channel.

4 February, from 8pm
I’ll be doing a live set as part of Electronic Music Open Mic Night Norfolk 14. That will be broadcast on Twitch at twitch.tv/emomn. The evening will have a variety of performances from 8pm til late, also including Linus Fitness-Centre who I always enjoy.

11 February, 8pm
I will be playing the whole of the new EP plus some other songs live on my Facebook page – facebook.com/morchestra1987

12 February, from 8pm
Loopingstar’s Homebrew Electronica Show will have a first play of one of the tracks from the new EP. You can listen to that, and older episodes, here.

15 February, 7pm
To mark the actual day of release, there will be a video show on YouTube where I’ll be chatting about the songs, showing some archive live footage and playing out all the tracks from the EP and more. You can find that here.

There will, hopefully, be some more stuff later in the month, TBD etc.

Thanks very much for your time, and it would be lovely to see some of you in the comments at these events.

Having said that, as I always say to my daughter when she compares my livestream numbers to Ariana Grande’s number of Spotify plays and mocks me relentlessly, a few people is still more than nobody, and to be honest, even if nobody is watching, I just love doing it.

m-orchestra More Ghost Stories