The Grim Circus to be released on Friday

I remember when I first started making music again after a hiatus of nearly a decade I tweeted something along the lines of “Note to self: it is fine to start making dad laptop techno for fun, but nobody needs to actually listen to it”.

Fast forward four years, and that dad laptop techno has morphed into a series of gigs and EPs and livestreams of melancholy 80’s sounding electronica about ghosts and the paranormal. And now an album.

“The Grim Circus” is released on Friday on all good digital platforms. It is my first album for sixteen years, the follow up to the cheerfully titled “Car Crashes Happen Every Day”.

You can pre-order “The Grim Circus” for £4 on Bandcamp and get two tracks instantly.

One – “Of Animal And Brimstone” – features legendary comedian Dave Allen telling the story of a leading Jesuit who visits a house in Ireland with a ‘bad room’ to exorcise it, and is never seen again.

The other – “Lost Captain” – features the men of a Welsh dockyard discussing the building with such an ominous atmosphere that one man simply refuses to work in it.

There’s 11 more tracks of that sort of thing to come when the album comes out properly.

Pre-order “The Grim Circus” for £4 on Bandcamp.