A one-line review of every gig I’ve been to in December 2023

This monthly series is probably more for my benefit than yours, but maybe your interest will be piqued by one of the reviews. Maybe you’ll scroll straight past. Maybe you’ll unsubscribe thinking what did I see in this blog in the first place?

The Fallen Women, The Lexington, Islington, 2 Dec – A regular festive treat with a sprinking of famous faces lending their voices – and sometimes additional bass guitar – to songs by the Fall, plus one damn fool who usually has a laptop etc etc …

Yours truly with the Fallen Woman at the Lexington, London

Ian Shaw, Gerry’s Club, London, 5 Dec – A Christmas treat and change of pace at an intimate launch party for his new soft jazz album with sparkling piano by Jamie Safir.

Ian Shaw at Gerry’s Club, London

Seb Lowe, The Troxy, London, 7 Dec – Sounded like the Waterboys doing Led Zeppelin covers, but without me enjoying it anywhere near as much as I enjoy the Waterboys or Led Zeppelin.

The Charlatans, The Troxy, London, 7 Dec – Every time I see the Charlatans I think “I really like the Charlatans and I am surprised by how many of their songs have seeped deep into my soul, I really should listen to them more” and then I don’t, and then I go and see them and I think etc etc …

The Charlatans at the Troxy

Charles, BFI Southbank, London, 11 Dec – Charles was the post-screening entertainment after the press viewing of the Doctor Who Christmas special – which I reviewed for the Guardian here – and they did some of their own stuff and a few Christmas classics and had a really beautiful soulful voice.

Charles at BFI Southbank, London

Simon Price, Walthamstow Trades Hall, Walthamstow, 12 Dec – Not so much a gig but a talk about his Curepedia: An A-Z of The Cure book followed by a DJ playing lots of things by the Cure. Can’t go wrong with that.

Suede, Electric Brixton, London, 15 Dec – Most of this set was Autofiction plus the handful of obvious singles and they are in incredible form and honestly Autofiction is my favourite album of theirs, which is incredibly rare for a band to have a late flourishing like this. I’m afraid I got awfully very drunk.

Suede at the Electric Brixton, London