The Scotsman really has banned mention of Wings Over Scotland in their comments

UPDATE It’s been pointed out to me in the comments here, and I’ve tested it, and the ban on mentions of “Wings Over Scotland” has now been removed

Original article from September 8th:

In all my years of commenting about newspapers, and commenting about “comments on newspaper websites”, I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like this.

The Scotsman kindly lets you know what is wrong with your post if it is going to fail their banned words list, and they have explicitly banned mention of one of the leading pro-Independence blogs, Wings Over Scotland.

Scotsman Wings Over Scotland ban

Grumpy trollish people very quickly reach for the “censorship” word when they find their comments being modded off from news sites, but I’m not entirely sure what other word you would use for this example.

I tried a few other things – BNP, fine. EDF EDL, fine. The word “coon”? Absolutely A-OK.

Sorry, hang on. WTF? You can freely post the word “coon” on The Scotsman’s website but not the phrase “Wings Over Scotland”?

In the interests of science, obviously, I’ve run a couple of tests. L33t speak gets you past the ban.

Scotsman Wings L33t

And The Scotsman website appears to accept any link – regardless of where it ends up.

Scotsman 3

But honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a British newspaper website explicitly ban in advance any reference by name to a political campaigning website. Can anyone think of any similar examples?

Full disclosure: I’m an editor at the Mirror, and we are firmly “No”. Personally, I’m slightly pro-Yes, but I don’t have a vote, and all I can do is wish that Scotland has a happy and prosperous future whatever her people decide this month.

UPDATE Yes, yes, the original text of this article had me confusing energy group EDF for hate group EDL because I’m an idiot.