Asking people to submit stories is not the local newspocalypse

Lots of attention on social media today to this story: “Newsquest title asks readers to write and publish stories as part of ‘simplified’ news sharing process

Another nail in the cofffin for local news etc etc

But is it?

This is what they are promoting. Is it not just a slightly more advanced form for submitting things to the local paper?

Newsquest form

I can’t see anything on here that would allow me to publish on their site without some editorial intervention on the other side, at which point all your traditional journalism skills would come into play. I can’t see it as that hugely different from when I put forms like this on the Guardian website.

Maybe they won’t get much in. Maybe it won’t be any good.

But I can’t personally see trying to apply some structure to what people are sending to you as the end of the world, provided you’ve got the proper process at the other end.