“DO MY QUIZ!” – a new weekly online quiz for the Guardian

I am very excited that I am starting a new series at the Guardian which will allow me to shout “DO MY QUIZ!” at you rudely every Thursday lunchtime.

My mantra for writing Guardian quizzes is that you want *most* people to get *most* of the questions right, but not all of them right. And you want people to kick themselves about an answer they second-guessed themselves on, learn at least one new thing, and laugh at least twice. But you never ever know if you’ve pitched it right until the comments, emails and tweet replies start flying in.

I know lots of journalists can be prickly about comments underneath their pieces but I never am, especially not under a quiz. Opening comments is by far the fastest way to find out any error or ambiguity you’ve made in the wording of questions/answers or in the production of it.

Anyway I’ve been wanting to launch a new weekly quiz series for the Guardian since the 2019 election when I was last doing one, and I’m thrilled I think I’ve found a way to make the production of it sustainable for me, and the format hopefully fun and enjoyable for readers.

I wrote a piece of dos and don’ts for prospective quizmasters for InPublishing magazine last year which explains my overall quiz phiosophy.

So … DO MY QUIZ!!!

Giraffes, the Queen and caterpillar cake: take the new weekly quiz