Happy birthday to my blog and a Merry Xmas to you

It always makes me laugh that the very first post on the very first version of this website went up on 24 December 2002 because I’d set myself the deadline of “Setting up and running my own blog by Christmas” so obviously was doing it on Christmas Eve.

Anyway, nineteen years of having a blog, eh? And the first post is still live on the internet at the correct URL nearly two decades later. It has survived domain changes, fire, flood, the invention of social media, me moving to different countries, and also me forgetting how to log in to a server. I used to do all the sysadmin and other website gubbins myself but now very much leave this to William Turrell, who I can whole-heartedly endorse and recommend.

Thanks for sticking with it, especially those of you subscribed to the email version. Friday Reading will be back on the regular in the new year. In the meantime, have a great Xmas and I truly wish everyone all the best for 2022.

The very first design for my blog in the early 2000s