UsVsTh3m features in ‘Formats unpacked’

Bless him, Hugh Garry, who I have worked with at Storythings in the past, this week chose one of the UsVsTh3m quizzes as the topic for his regular Formats Unpacked newsletter. He wrote about The North-o-Meter, saying, among other things:

“At Storythings we talk about designing for two people. The audience, and the audience’s audience. Quizzes like this are a great example of how you do that – they’re brilliant connectors. When I shared my 10/10 score on the North-o-Meter, the audience I was sharing it with was mostly made up of other Northerners – family, old school friends, ex-colleagues. There was social capital to be had by sharing with this particular group, plus all the bonding that took place in discussing the smart in-jokes. That’s what designing for two people looks like.”

Read it here: Formats Unpacked – The North-o-Meter: How Northern Are You?

Worth noting as well, if you get a sudden rush of nostalgia for all that, there’s a collection of games Tom Scott worked on for UsVsTh3m here and Matt Round has his collection here. Matt also has his own ongoing series of brilliant internet distractions over at